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Kids&Us Benicassim

"Phantom Manor" Storytime

Published 15/10/2018

Storytime is the presentation of a story using different characters, songs and supplementary material, so children can have fun watching a show in English with their families. 


Halloween: Jane and Bunny move to a huge mansion. What they are unaware of is that in their new house there's a ghost with a tremendous problem... he doesn't scare anyone!

Storytimes are developed by our pedagogical team at Kids&Us in order to tell short funny and easy to understand stories that allow audience and actors interaction using songs and other visual material. In addition, actors make use of expressive gestures to catch children's attention while they get their participation and mutual understanding.

Date: Friday 26th of October

Place and time: Kids&Us Benicàssim at 6pm

Age: from 3 to 8

Length: 30 minutes

Price: free

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