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Kids&Us Benicassim

Our team

Our team

Our team
Our team

Are you ready for the exciting task of teaching kids English?

Our goal is to find people who are talented at teaching and can motivate children to learn English, people who are able to connect and empathise with kids. Fluency in English, a dynamic personality, professionalism, empathy and passion for the job are the defining characteristics of the teachers on our team.

Meet our teachers:

  • Anabel


    Hi, my name is Anabel. As a translator and interpreter I speak Spanish, Catalan, English and German. Besides I have a C2 level approved by the University of Cambridge. I started learning English when I was three years old, just like many children in Kids&Us. Since day one I fell in love with the anglosaxon language and culture, which lead me to become a teacher. Besides being able to have fun with our kids in English is the best way to teach them.

  • Peter


    Hi, my name is Peter. I started learning English when I was young. My hobbies include travelling and practice different sports among others. I love music and teaching English with a natural and dynamic methodology, as we do in Kids&Us Benicàssim. Transmitting our energy, speaking with our Kids and making them smile is the things we value the most in our job.

  • Paula


    Hello, my name is Paula. Since I was really young I’ve been captivated by languages, specially by English. Apart from learning it since I was three, I’ve had the opportunity to travel several times to England, which made me have a deeper understanding of the culture and language. Being a teacher at Kids&Us gives me the opportunity to share my passion for this language with our kids in a fun, dynamic and efficient way thanks to our methodology, which is based on natural learning.

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