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Kids&Us Apps

Published 31/10/2018

Fifteen years ago, Kids&Us was pioneering in developing its own method for teaching languages, based on the natural process children use to learn their mother tongue. Today, Kids&Us continues to innovate and be at the cutting edge of education; the company’s outside-the-box thinking is a key hallmark.

With its focus firmly on the future, the company has developed high-quality, premium mobile apps like MyLocker, MyKids and MyClassroom.

MyKids and MyClassroom - new developments

The “My Kids” app facilitates two-way communication between Kids&Us schools and parents. This allows parents to fully monitor their children’s learning while also ensuring they can contact the school quickly and easily.

Kids&Us has also launched MyClassroom, a new digital planner for teachers that helps them optimise their time and streamline tasks, such as planning the school year, conducting daily follow-up of students, performing oral tests and writing term reports.

MyLocker progresses at a steady pace

The MyLocker app was launched last year and it has recently been updated with content for Babies, Kids and Tweens, adapted for the 2018-2019 school year. The MyLocker app is intended exclusively for students enrolled in Kids&Us. It offers students ongoing exposure to English outside the classroom, easily and accessibly, anywhere and at any time.

With Kids&Us, future learning is a sure bet.

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