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Kids&Us Benicassim

The Beauty of Learning is the new Kids&Us campaign

Published 04/05/2018

For the second year in a row, Kids&Us will premiere its new campaign on La Voz Kids. It wil due next Monday 7th May and an exclusive announcement starred by the host Tania Llasera and shooted by one of the new Kids&Us schools will be launched. During the next two weeks, Kids&Us will kick off an ambitious digital campaign in order to globally launch the new campaign: The Beauty of Learning.

The Beauty of Learning

The Beauty of Learning is the name chosen to christen this new Kids&Us campaign for the next scholar year of 2018-2019. The campaign pursuits to transmit the concept of beauty in learning, to show how special it is for Kids&Us to see how its students grow and the way they acquire the linguistic skills necessary to fly high when the times comes.

The star of the new Kids&Us campaign is a travel log that shows the growth of our children, in a journey from birth to when they take over the reins of their lives. A journey through natural evolution that reflects the spontaneity of the children and their joy of living.

Over the coming weeks, on social networks, Kids&Us will reveal the children who appear in The Beauty of Learning campaign who, as usual, are students at its schools.

New song, same objective

Fire of Learning is the fifth song that Kids&Us has created to provide music to its annual campaign. Once again, it is a declaration of the intentions to emphasize English as a tool of the future that will allow our children to accomplish their dreams.

Discover The Beauty of Learning and dance along with the new Kids&Us campaign.

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